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Job posting information and details


Job Title Rakemen
Location Edmonton
Job Type Field Positions/Seasonal



 Standard General Inc.
23 Bellerose Drive
St. Albert, AB T8N 5E1
Rakemen (Seasonal)


Standard General Inc., a major road construction contractor in the Greater Edmonton area for more than 40 years, is looking to fill Rakemen positions, starting in the spring, for the 2012 construction season.


Job summary
Proficient, skilled use of asphalt hand tools to place asphalt mix manually in asphalt patching and paving applications.
Essential duties and responsibilities
·        Hand placement of asphalt mix using efficient techniques while maintaining workmanship and productivity.
·        Perform a variety of tasks involving strenuous manual labour and dexterous use of hand tools
·        Asphalt mix compaction knowledge in proper hand raking of longitudinal seams and transverse joints to insure a smooth surface with minimal segregation                                                                                                         
·        Responsible for the proper match points and limits of asphalt mix adjacent to concrete structures, manholes, water valves and other fixtures within the roadway surface   
·         Ability to discuss and plan daily project paving procedures / goals with fellow paving personnel to maximize productivity and workmanship
Abilities Required
·        Physically fit in order to perform manual labor and work extended / long hours. 
·        Meet and support all company safety requirements and applicable safety policies.     
·        Work overtime as required.                          

Successful applicants must be able to meet all safety requirements including pre-employment medical, drug/alcohol testing.
Please submit resumes as follows:
Mail: Standard General Inc.
23 Bellerose Drive
St. Albert, AB T8N 5E1
Fax: (780) 419-6493
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